My method of writing will probably be pretty weird to most of you!

I’m pretty new to all this writing and blogging stuff, but not knowing what I’m doing has never stopped me before. My method of putting it all together is probably pretty strange. I don’t have a written outline but I have every major plot point and character development scene in my head. As a full time truck driver, I have very limited time to actually sit down and write. I do however have plenty of time to write in my head while driving. Here’s where the strange part comes in. While driving, I’ll focus on a particular scene and it plays itself out in my head like a movie. I see and hear my characters dialogue and actions. I play it over and over like a director directing multiple takes until it comes out right in my head. I mentally save it until my one physical writing day a week, where I finally type it all up.
At that point it’s more like transcribing than actually writing. It may be weird, but it’s working for me!

Oh, just for fun I thought I would share this digital picture of Adam West as Batman that I did on my iPad.