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About me and about my novel “Paper Gods”.

I’ve always been a fan of the super hero genre.  Always will be. But as I’ve grown older, I have craved stories that would be more realistic if the world had the ability to produce super powered people. I’ve found some, but while very good, I just wasn’t finding the stories I wanted to hear. So…I’ve decided to tell a story that I would want to read. This is my very first attempt at writing, but it’s going quite well so far. My only limitation is time. I’m a truck driver and I work 60 plus hours a week, I also have a new family, my wife of almost 2 years Allison, her daughter Tasha and her daughter Laylah.  I desperately need my time with them, so this only allows me MAYBE one night a week to write.  I’m trying to find ways to carve more writing time out of my schedule, but it’s difficult.  This new blog is an attempt to find people who might like my writing and give me some much needed critique. Please help a guy out and let me know what you think of my work as I add some sample chapters to give you a taste of what I’m trying to create. Thanks for your interest!