What Audacity!

   I am an uneducated lout. What makes me think I could possibly write a book? Because I know you can’t teach talent. You either have it or you don’t. Yes, of course formal education can hone and polish natural talent, but that talent has to be there. I have friends who are exceptional musicians who have never had one minute of formal training. They write and perform music that people love and that’s what’s important. Don’t believe me? Look up the band Hillbilly Bonez and their song “Seven Days Behind Bars” and see for yourself. That’s two guys alone playing every instrument and singing in the video. How does this apply to me? I may not have had formal training, but I believe I can tell a story. I may not always get the grammar or syntax correct, but that’s what I’m going to pay an editor to fix. I know people who have degrees in English who can’t string together a compelling sentence. They may use a lot of ten dollar words, but they just don’t understand drama, humor, or character development. I think I do. Am I right? I don’t know for sure, but I do believe in myself and I reckon that my work will eventually speak for itself. I’m willing to allow it to do just that.

   I’m teaching myself the process as I go and I am hoping that the end result is a story that people will enjoy. I’m not new to this teaching myself thing. I’ve had no formal training in art, but I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself to draw. In the past year I’ve been teaching myself digital art on my iPad.  To show how well I’ve done at that, I’m posting this picture I drew of Elvira that I printed on photo stock paper and had Cassandra Peterson, Elvira herself sign. She loved it when I presented her with her own copy. I think I did a pretty good job. I also honestly believe I am a better writer than I am an artist, so with that in mind, I am writing my book. That may be bold and overconfident, but hopefully I’m not mistaken and the end product will be pleasing to the readers. Ya never know until you try. I’m trying.Image


5 thoughts on “What Audacity!”

  1. you have to believe in yourself or all the training in world will not help you succeed. listen to critics but dont let it bother you. get help where you and can and write write write.
    I have never had formal training either and I live to write, my mind is always on it and I am always creating characters in my head, plotting a novel or a short story. crafting a poem or developing character arcs.

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    1. This is how I kind of feel, if someone teaches me how do something, most likely I will do things like that person until I come up with a better way and as we both know in this business that is not good to be like someone else. I was just pointing out that i am not a critic, if i like something it is because it interests me. After looking at your blog, you do seem to write a lot and must enjoy what you are doing and I think that is the most important thing.


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