Thank you my Facebook friends!!!

I want to thank all of my Facebook friends who responded to my request this morning to like and share my WordPress blog posts. I got 54 views today, 7 of which were from Great Britain. Not to bad for a site that I only got open for business last night. I really do appreciate the support you are showing me in my endeavor of writing a novel. I just hope you will continue to support me by sharing all of my future WordPress blog posts on your timeline. This is an ongoing venture, not a one time event. I desperately need you to like, share and FOLLOW me on WordPress. The more activity I get the more potential activity I CAN get! Click on my link! Read my previous posts! Comment on them! I’ll take all the help I can get in my efforts to build a pre established following for my book, people who are waiting and encouraging me to publish!
I do have one question. Even though I got 54 hits, I did not get one person as a follower. Is there an issue with my WordPress site that makes that difficult? It’s still new to me, so I might not have the page set up correctly. Let me know your experience at trying to find the “follow” button! If there is an issue, I’ll try to correct it in the coming days!
Thanks everybody! You have no idea how much your support means to me!


4 thoughts on “Thank you my Facebook friends!!!”

      1. Well, we have different aims…. But definitely follow on wordpress the topics (SF, technology, etc) that interest you and find a blog of a fellow author that you enjoy and learn from them. But, I wouldn’t beg people to visit or follow, again, if what you have is worth visiting or following then it will happen naturally (and yes, it might be slow).


      2. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to not sound so desperate. The Facebook thing was to let my friends know about my new WordPress experiment. I am totally new at this and was not even sure I had the page working at all. I’m sure as I become more active I will get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. So far, I’m getting more interest than I initially figured. That of course encourages me to continue experimenting. Thanks again. Any input is appreciated.


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