My book is happening, slowly but surely

Spent the night working on my book, Paper Gods. I’m currently at over 34 thousand words. That’s the equivalent of a novella already, but it’s only about one third finished at this point. Not too bad, considering I only have one night a week to write, but I really need to kick things into high gear and get it finished. I’m excited over how well it’s turning out!


3 thoughts on “My book is happening, slowly but surely”

  1. Very impressive, given your schedule. In face, I’d say that’s very impressive, period.

    How much do you tend to get done when you sit down to write? I write semi-regularly, personally, but I don’t tend to get all that much done in any one session.


    1. On a good night, I can knock out one, maybe two rough chapters. I’m a truck driver, so I tend to do a lot of the writing in my head while driving ten to eleven hours each night. I build up what I want while driving and by the time I finally get to set down to actually write, it’s almost like transcribing. Pretty much ready except for the typing and polishing. Problem is I don’t always get one night a week. More like two to three nights a month. Slow going, but worth the effort. Thank you for commenting. I do appreciate the support and interest!


      1. Ah, right, cool. I usually go into a session without a clear idea of what I’ll be writing, which probably doesn’t help. Sometimes, I work out what I’m doing quickly and end up writing a lot, but on other occasions…not so much.

        Then again, my definition of “a lot” is probably pretty small: it usually takes me several sessions to get a whole chapter finished, for instance.


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